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Does soy sauce cause acne?

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Is there any way make acne go alway faster?

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How do I get rid of hyper-pigmentation ?

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What am I suppose to do if my face is feeling super oily mid-day?

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How to make your skin not oily?

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Will my MDacne treatment reduce scars?

The MDacne products are designed primarily to prevent and treat active acne and not scars. While using our products will certainly help with any post-acne hyper pigmen...

What foods are best to avoid acne?

Check out this link for more info on food and acne.

What is the best type of makeup to use for acne prone skin?

Here are some articles that will help you choose the right makeup for your acne prone skin: https://www...

How to get rid of dark marks?

The main goal of the MDacne products is to treat active acne. Having said that, the MDacne products include ingredients that can help fade dark spots. To reduce these ...

Can I use my MDacne treatment for my body acne and if I can how should I?

The MDacne products are designed to target acne on the face. Having said that, they can be also be used on other parts of the body where acne is common, including the ...

What should I do if I get a pimple?

The best way to clear your acne, is to apply your night treatment cream on the whole area with pimples. If you have one bigger pimple you can apply some more of the ni...

When should I use the blackhead removal strips?

The best way to remove blackheads is a combination of our special medicated cleanser that softens the blackheads, our special night cream that has a mild exfoliating e...

Can I use face masks while using MDAcne?

Masks are not an effective treatment for acne. Exfoliating masks over irritate the skin and can cause more breakouts. Hydration masks are OK but should be not used not...

Can I use the tanning bed while using my MDacne products?

Your MDacne products do NOT make your skin more sensitive to the sun or to tanning bads. Having said that, too much sun or the use of tanning bads is not good for your...

What foundations are best to use on acne prone/oily skin?

The best foundation for acne-prone skin will conceal your pimples without looking cakey and will not clog your pores. Thick oily foundations can block your pores, lead...

Do I need to use a toner?

Toners are alcohol-based liquids that are used to remove makeup and clean the skin when water or soap are not available. Toners usually over-dry the skin and don't add...

If I work out and need to wash my face during the day do I use the day cream again?

Removing the sweat after sports is important. If you workout during the day, you need to wash your face imediately after. If your skin is dry, you can reapply your mor...

Does MDacne have a money back guarantee?

MDacne products contain the highest quality, medical-grade acne medications and natural boosters in formulas customized for your unique skin type and acne severity. Fo...

Can sleeping on your face make acne worse?

Yes, it can, especially if you always sleep on one side of your face or do not wash your pillowcase frequently. If you have pimples on the side of the face, here are s...

What is the best acne treatment 2018 ?

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Is cucumber good for acne?

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Why is MDacne better than other acne treatments with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid?

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Can hot water and cold water help with pores?

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Can I use any serums and if so, when do I apply them in my nightly routine?

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Does Accutane cause depression?

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Does tofu cause acne?

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Does soy cause acne?

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Does peanut butter cause acne?

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Can allergies cause acne?

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Does estrogen cause acne?

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Does vaseline cause acne?

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Does cheese cause acne?

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Does nicotine cause acne?

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Does vaping cause acne?

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Does makeup cause acne?

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Are there any vitamins I can take to help clear my skin while using my wash and creams?

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Can I take certain vitamins to help my breakouts?

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Why is MDacne different then Curology?

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In what season are you most likely to get acne?

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Can chocolate cause pimples?

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