Why is MDacne different then Curology?

MDacne vs Curology

The MDacne treatment program has multiple advantages over Curology. Here are just some!

Effect on acne
MDacne uses a proprietary, non-irritating form of benzoyl peroxide, the single most effective ingredient for the treatment of acne, as defined by the American Academy of Dermatology acne treatment guidelines. MDacne products are tested, FDA cleared, medical-grade products that are as good or superior to most prescription anti-acne topical medications. Curology uses azelaic and retinoic acid that are on the bottom of efficacy list for treating inflammatory acne. Azelaic acid more effective in treating post-acne dark spots while retinoic acid is more appropriate for the treatment of comedons.

The support in Curology is provided by nurses who typically respond to inquiries after a few days. With MDacne, you can get a skin analysis in less than 5 minutes as well as 24/7 skin monitoring using the app. Subscribers also get unlimited chat support with a real, board certified dermatologist.

MDacne is the world's first and only system providing a FULL customized acne treatment solution. With Curology, you get a single, small bottle of treatment cream and then you need to buy multiple additional products (cleanser/ moisturizer) on your own. MDacne subscribers receive a full 3-month supply of a full complete treatment kit (customized cleanser, treatment cream, and moisturizer) so there is no need to buy anything else.

Commitment is an absolute necessity for any acne treatment to be successful. With the MDacne app, users get daily reminders to do the treatment, daily tips on how to prevent new breakouts, and other resources to keep acne at bay.

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