Best treatment for Adult acne - Curology vs MDacne

MDacne vs Curology review

Both MDacne and Curology provide medications to women with adult acne. How do they compare?

What is adult acne?

Adult acne is one of the most common healthcare skin concerns for women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. Adult acne is typically located on the lower parts of the face (chin and jawline) and is influenced by the monthly cycle. The current solutions for personalized, high-quality treatment are unsatisfactory. Drugstore "one size fits" all products that are frequently irritating or simply ineffective. Derm office visits are frequently short and expensive.

The solution? Curology and MDacne are subscription services that provide customized medicated skincare routine for people with acne.

What are the best-customized treatment medications for adult acne? Curology vs. MDacne.

With Curology, you get a single, customized bottle of treatment cream, with an option to purchase a one size fits all" cleanser or moisturizer. MDacne is the world's first and only system providing a fully customized acne treatment solution. MDacne subscribers receive a complete treatment kit (customized cleanser, treatment cream, and moisturizer) personalized to their specific skin type and acne severity. This personalized treatment kit is believed to be a superior treatment solution to most over-the-counter and topical prescription creams.

Topical treatment for adult acne: Curology vs. MDacne

MDacne uses a wide spectrum of science-based medications, specially formulated for people with adult acne. The active ingredients used by MDacne are benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, retinol, and niacinamide. Those active ingredients are boosted with plant extracts to reduce skin irritation and help fade post-acne dark spots and sun-induced hyperpigmentation. The MDacne products are tested, FDA cleared, medical-grade products that are as good or superior to most prescription anti-acne topical medications.

Curology products include azelaic acid and tretinoin to help with comedones and whiteheads but are less effective than benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid for inflamed acne pimples. Curology also uses clindamycin in its custom formula. Clindamycin is a topical antibiotic that should not be used as a single acne treatment due to the risk of bacterial resistance.

Oral supplements for people with adult acne

MDacne has developed the first skin-clearing supplements: a special formulation for women with adult and hormonal acne. The DIM + cruciferous supplements are an excellent addition to the treatment of hormonal acne. They contain a natural extract of cruciferous vegetables (kale, broccoli, alfalfa, and spinach) specially formulated to help balance hormones and reduce acne signs in women.

Curology vs. MDacne: effects on anti-aging and hyperpigmentation

As part of MDacne's mission is to help with adult acne, it developed a line of customized medications and skincare products that can help with acne and dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. Once subscribed to MDacne, women with adult acne get a customized kit containing a night treatment cream with retinol 0.25% and niacinamide 2%. This combination can help with anti-aging and improving your skin texture while also preventing breakouts. Once the skin adjusts to retinol, the % of retinol can be increased to 0.5% and the niacinamide to 4%. In addition to your customized kit, MDacne provides Kligman's formula inspired, dark spot remover duo. This proprietary FDA approved over-the-counter treatment for hyperpigmentation, which includes the best dark spot remover available without a dermatologist's prescription, along with an active oil-free sunscreen.


The support in Curology is provided by medical providers who typically respond to inquiries after a few days. With MDacne, you can get a skin analysis in less than 5 minutes as well as 24/7 skin monitoring using the app. Subscribers also get unlimited chat support from a dedicated team of physician’s assistants, nurse practitioners, and a board-certified dermatologist specializing in acne treatment.

Commitment is the key to success in the treatment of adult acne.

Commitment is an absolute necessity for any acne treatment to be successful. With the MDacne app, users get daily reminders to do the treatment, daily tips on preventing new breakouts, and other resources to keep acne at bay.

More info on MDacne's treatment plan, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, retinol, and niacinamide.

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