How do I get rid of my acne craters?

Acne craters (scars) are caused by damage the deeper part of the skin (Dermis). There are 3 different acne scars: 1. "Ice-pick" scars that have a small pinpoint opening but go deeper into the skin. 2. "Boxcar" scars are usually wider and more shallow, with steep, almost vertical walls. 3. Soft rolling scars that can be circular or linear. These are often greater than 4 mm in diameter and have gently sloped edges that merge with normal-appearing skin. The most important rule about acne scars - is that you need to prevent them. Thus, if you still have active acne, treat it with the best and most effective treatment you can get. Once the acne scars are formed, they can be improved by the minimally invasive treatment available today in many dermatologists' offices. The best are systems that use non-insulated microneedle RF technologies (such as EndyMed’s Intensif system). These devices seem to be more efficient and safe than the fractional lasers, especially on darker skin types.

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