Is laser treatment for acne safe? If so, why?

The only “lasers” that are really effective for acne are actually based on “intense blue light” light sources. This type of treatment, called Acne Phototherapy, uses a special wavelength of light to destroy the bacteria that causes acne without harming the surrounding tissue.

The acne bacteria produce porphyrins that are a chemical compound sensitive to blue light. When high-intensity blue light in a special wavelength (Around 425 nm) is delivered to the skin, a chemical reaction in the bacteria is triggered, killing the bacteria.

The specific Blue Light (originally developed and FDA cleared by a CureLight Medical company) was proven to destruct the acne bacteria and reduce the anti-inflammatory effect, decreasing redness and pain.

Acne Phototherapy is among the safest skin treatments available. Acne Phototherapy uses the violet/blue part of the spectrum and is UV free. With Acne Phototherapy, there are no known side effects.

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Who can be treated by acne phototherapy?

Almost anyone. Acne Phototherapy has been proven to be effective on mild to moderate acne-prone skin. Pregnant women and women who are breast-feeding should consult their doctor or aesthetician before and after 8 treatments with blue light acne phototherapy (iClear, Curelight Medical).

Is it painful? How long does it take?

A typical treatment session takes only 20 minutes. The treatment is painless and safe. Patients often listen to music while being treated.

How many treatments are required?

Treatments typically involve a series of approx. 8 sessions, twice a week, for 4 weeks or once a week for a longer period of time. Improvement is typically observed after4 weeks.

What about Home Use Acne Phototherapy?

Acne Phototherapy's idea is that light in a certain wavelength (Blue =425nm) will reach a certain compound in the acne bacteria (porphyrins) start a chemical reaction that will destroy the bacteria. Unfortunately, most home devices emit a very low intensity of blue light, thus providing low efficacy. Also, their use on the lesions only (small diameter) lacks the main benefit of the whole face high-intensity professional treatment = prevention of new lesions.

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