How to relieve ear pain caused by face masks?

Pain and irritation behind the ears are common when wearing an anti-COVID mask. The mask's ear loops are frequently rubbing the sensitive skin behind the ears and damage the skin in those areas. It's a common problem with health workers for many years, but now it affects everyone.

What are the best solutions to reduce mask induced pain and skin irritation behind the ears?

1. The silicon ear saver

Free ear saver mdacne mask

Who needs it?
Everyone that has mask-induced pain or irritation behind the ears.

How does it work?
Soft silicone or acrylic "ear savers" are one of the best ways to prevent behind-the-ear irritation. You wrap the mask's ear loops around the clip, rather than your ears. The pressure is then disturbed to a larger area over the back of your head, eliminating friction and pain around your ears. Most ear savers will have a few hooks, which will allow you to adjust the size. The larger size setting will help reduce the strain around the ears, while the small er size setting can be used to modify a too large mask for the face (excellent for kids).

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2. Buttons on your headband

Who needs it?
People that like wearing headbands.

How does it work?
If you like headbands, you can DIY or buy a lovely headband with two sides' buttons. Wrapping the ear loops of the mask over these buttons will relieve the pressure on your ears and reduce skin irritation.

3. Buttons on your Baseball Cap

Who needs it?
People that prefer baseball caps over headbands.

How does it work?
Wrapping the mask ear oops over the buttons will relieve the pressure on your ears. The cons of this method that it is hard to adjust for different head sizes.

Get a free ear saver with your MDacne anti-acne mask

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