How to fade dark brown acne scars?

There are 2 types of dark acne scars. Flat dark acne scars that are also called dark spots and depressed (atrophic) dark acne scars.  Brown post acne spots and can be easily treated today with dark spot corrector creams while depressed (atrophic) dark acne scars need to be treated in doctors offices with fractional microneedle RF (radio waves) or fractional lasers. 

How to treat flat dark acne scars? 

The best treatment for dark acne scars medical grade skin lightning compounds, i.e.; hydroquinone (2%-4%).  Hydroquinone 2% allows good efficacy with minimal risk of irritation of other side effects such hyperpigmentation. To further increase the efficacy of skin lightening compounds, dermatologists add to hydroquinone other ingredients such as salicylic or retinoic acid that enhance the penetration of the hydroquinone to deeper layers of the skin (dermis) and significantly increase the skin lightning effect of the product. The gold standard of prescription dermatologists’ skin lightning formula, the Kligman formulae includes also hydrocortisone, meant to reduce the irritation associated with higher percentages of hydroquinone. 

What is the best treatment for dark acne scars available today (2018)? 

There are multiple low efficacy skin lightening products on the markets. These usually include only plant-based lighteners. Unfortunately, these products have usually low efficacy and  the results if any appear only after very many months. Only a handful of skin lightning creams are medical grade (FDA cleared). Dark spot corrector by MDacne is the world’s first medical grade skin lightening cream that is available for direct purchase without prescription. Based on the Dermatologist gold standard , the Kligman’s formula, it contain the best available skin lightning compound hydroquinone, together with BHA (Beat hydroxy acids) and retinoids to enhance penetration and plant based anti-inflammatory agents to minimalize irritation and side effects. Allowed for use for sensitive skin and all skin colors , it should be always combined with a morning sunscreen (SPF 30). 

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