What is the best treatment for forehead pimples?

Pimples on the forehead are very common and can happen in every age, gender, and skin type.

What are the causes of acne on the forehead?

Pimples on the forehead start with excess production of sebum in the skin's oil glands. Combined with external factors like sweating, fabrics that rub on the skin, wrong skin care routine, and wrong hair products, it leads to forehead acne.

1. Clogging of the skin pores on the forehead with dirt, excess oil, and dead skin cells leads to an overgrowth of skin bacteria and fungi and later to acne breakouts and typical red bumps.
2. The normal oiliness of your hair can also cause breakouts on the forehead. This oil deposits on the forehead, can clog the skin pores and cause pimples.
3. The wrong hair products frequently cause pimples on the forehead. The worst are Hairstyling pomades oils, gels, and waxes. These hair styling products often contain ingredients like cocoa butter or coconut oil that cause special acne; pomade acne.
4. Irritation from clothing, hats, or headbands can also be a cause for forehead acne.
5. Touching your face can also lead to more acne on the forehead. Your fingers spread on your skin dirt oil and bacteria that accumulate on your skin surface, causing more breakouts.

Little red bumps on the forehead can be a sign of fungal acne.

Fungal acne, also known as Malassezia or pityrosporum folliculitis, is caused by the overgrowth of yeast present in the hair's follicles. Fungal acne causes many small red itchy small bumps and whiteheads. The most common location for fungal acne little bumps is on the forehead, but it can also appear on the chest, shoulders, and back.

Antibiotic creams, like clindamycin or erythromycin used for regular bacterial acne, will not effectively treat fungal acne and make it worse—the best treatment for fungal acne will include benzoyl peroxide that is included in the MDacne treatment plan and Nizoral shampoo that can be purchased on amazon.

How to prevent pimples on the forehead?

In addition to your over-the-counter acne treatments, there are additional measures you can take to help prevent pimples on the forehead.

1. Ensure that you wash your hair every day as oily, unwashed hair can cause breakouts on the forehead and temples.
2. Using the wrong skincare products and hair products can cause acne. Avoiding hair gels and hair spray can also help as these contain ingredients that can accumulate on the skin’s surface, clog your pores, and cause new pimples to form.
3. Try to avoid wearing helmets, baseball caps, or headbands — these rub on your skin and can cause friction and more acne breakouts on the forehead. If you must wear them, make sure to wash them regularly to remove bacteria and other pore-clogging debris.

How to get rid of pimples on my forehead?

Pimples on the forehead are widespread and, luckily, very treatable even without a dermatologist office visit. Clearing forehead bumps is quite similar to clearing pimple elsewhere on the face and requires a commitment to an effective daily acne treatment routine that includes medicated anti-acne ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide salicylic acid.

Benzoyl peroxide - the most effective topical treatment for forehead acne

There are multiple different types of benzoyl peroxide. They differ in their efficacy and side effects. MDacne uses a proprietary formulation of micronized benzoyl peroxide that is more effective and less irritating than other benzoyl peroxide types you see in OTC and even prescription products.

Micronized means that the drug particles are tiny, which allows the drug to penetrate better into the oil gland openings and be more effective. Because of this, less of the medication stays trapped on the surface of the skin, making it less irritating than other forms. MDacne's benzoyl peroxide treatment cream contains, in addition to micronized benzoyl peroxide, natural, plant-based boosters that have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects of increasing their anti-acne efficacy while minimizing irritation.

Salicylic acid-reducing forehead blackhead, whiteheads, and skin blemishes without over-drying the skin

Salicylic acid chemically exfoliates your skin and reduces oil inside the pores. It penetrates the skin's oil glands to help with blackheads, whiteheads, and red acne blemishes without over-drying the skin.

Retinol -the best topical cream for the reduction of forehead blackhead and whiteheads on the forehead

Retinoid also creams a good option for treating those acne tiny bumps on the forehead. Retinoids, and more specifically, retinol, are effective for treating blackheads, whiteheads, and tiny red bumps on the forehead. They would be less effective than benzoyl peroxide for the treatment of acne cysts and fungal acne.

Pink clay masks:

The weekly use of a pink clay face mask can be an effective supplement to help clear up both blackhead and inflammatory pimples on the forehead. By absorbing the dead cells and excess sebum from enlarged skin oil glands, these masks can help with acne breakouts, reduce skin redness, and improve overall skin texture and brightness.

Take away messages - prevention and treatment of acne pimples and white bumps on your forehead:

1. Avoid hair gels and sprays (hair gels clog your forehead skin pores and cause forehead pimples).
2. Wash your hair every day. Oily, unwashed hair in contact with your forehead skin will make your forehead and temples acne worse.
3. Avoid helmets, baseball caps, or headbands. These rub on your skin and cause more acne breakouts and more forehead pimples.
4. In the morning, wash your face with your MDacne oil-free cleanser.
5. Using the wrong moisturizer on the forehead is a common cause of forehead acne. If using makeup, make sure it is oil-free.
5. Use an oil-free makeup wipe after exercise to remove bacteria until you can cleanse again with your medicated cleanser
6. Apply at night, your MDacne night treatment cream. It will unclog pores and prevent new whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples on your forehead and elsewhere.

Fungal acne causes and treatments

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