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If I work out and need to wash my face during the day do I use the day cream again?

Removing the sweat after sports is important. If you workout during the day, you need to wash your face imediately after. If your skin is dry, you can reapply your mor...

I have used 10% BP for spot treatment. When I tried 2.5% all over the face, it wasn't working, and may have caused MORE breakouts just within a day (It was Neutrogena's on the spot treatment). What's the best/most recommended BP treatment?

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I was prescribed erythromycin (Two pills twice a day for two months), but I ate two pills twice a day for four months. My acne came back after stopping the pills...what should I do?

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What is the best type of makeup to use for acne prone skin?

Here are some articles that will help you choose the right makeup for your acne prone skin: https://www...

I have acne and eczema. I've tried everything from masks to anti-acne creams, but my eczema keeps getting worse!!!

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Does dairy cause acne?

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Can I use face masks while using MDAcne?

Masks are not an effective treatment for acne. Exfoliating masks over irritate the skin and can cause more breakouts. Hydration masks are OK but should be not used not...

Is Clarina, the Himalayan anti-acne cream, effective?

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Can Seafood causes acne breakouts? Can I eat shrimps? other shellfish?

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Can you cure acne with natural oils like jojoba oil?

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Is my acne caused by genetics, hormones, or something else?

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Is MDacne okay to use after a laser hair removal treatment?

You can use your MDacne treatment when you do laser hair removal, as far as your skin is not red or dry during the laser treatment. To assure that, stop your MDacne tr...

How can I start using my MDacne products?

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How do i get rid of an inflamed cyst?

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What's the best way to deal with acne and anti-aging at the same time?

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