Is Clarina, the Himalayan anti-acne cream, effective?

Based on the producer of this cream, Clarina contains Ayurvedic Indian medicine, plant ingrediends. Ghrita kumari [Aloe barbadensis] 200mg, Vatada [Prunus amygdalus] – 10 mg – Almonds – Manjista [Rubia cordifolia] – Matsyakshi [Alternathera sessilis] – 10 mg Tankana [Borax] – 12.5 mg Yashada bhasma – 12.5 mg – Zinc Oxide – Yashad Bhasma is an Ayurvedic medicine prepared from Zinc. Clarina is NOT a medical grade anti-acne cream . It's a plant based cream. Thus, its effectiveness is not proven and it may cause allergies. If it itches, it is suggested to change to a proven medical grade, over teh counter anti-acne cream.

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