I was prescribed erythromycin (Two pills twice a day for two months), but I ate two pills twice a day for four months. My acne came back after stopping the pills...what should I do?

Hi. A relapse after stopping oral antibiotics is very common, especially, if you took the pills for only 2 months. To get the full effect of antibiotics there usually a need for 4 months treatment. Acne treatment has 2 steps. First control of most of your active acne. This usually will take around 3 months. Second long-term prevention of new people. This step is important, since the tendency to have acne breakouts last on the average 8 years. Thus, even your skin is clear you need to continue to use an anti-acne routine for many months. This should include using the same acne cleansers and the application of a mild anti-acne cream all over your face every day or two. Women should also continue to use oil free makeup and consider birth control pills to control hormonal changes.

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