How do i get rid of an inflamed cyst?

Do not try to squeeze this big cyst. This may spread the infection deeper into your skin, delay healing and increase the risk for scarring.

What to do?

1. Do not squeeze or touch the pimple as you may spread the infection and increase your risk for scars.

2. There are a few simple remedies and products that can dry and reduce a single big pimple overnight.

3. You can use home options such as applying a small amount of toothpaste or ice cubes (see the video on the tips section/single pimples treatement
of your routine in the MDacne app).

4. A number of effective pimple-drying treatments are available without a prescription. (See suggested products in the same section).

5. new option is the new pimple care patch sticker. These are small stickers that disinfect, absorb fluids, and reduce the size of large pimples.

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