Whenever I'm stressed, anxious or nervous, I pick and pop my pimples. How can I stop myself from putting my hands on my face?

Here are a few tips to help you stop picking at your skin.

[1] Often a specific place—a mirror or a bathroom with bright lighting —triggers the urge to pick. “Identify those places and raise a mental flag when you’re going into these places to prevent you from picking.

[2] When you’re feeling the urge to pick, check in with yourself what is the exact feeling that causes you to pick. Is it anxiety? Stress? Boredom? Identifying the underlying reason behind your picking habit will help you address the root of the problem.

[3] If your hands are otherwise occupied, they can’t be picking at blemishes. Try occupying your hands; playing a game on your phone, typing out emails, or giving yourself a manicure.

[4] Often what we see is that picking is instant gratification, a temporary impulse. Take a picture of the pimple and say to yourself; If it still bothers me in 24 hours, then I can touch it. Waiting 24 hours will usually calm you need to pick.

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