What's the best product for bad forehead acne?

There are a few common causes for pimples on the forehead.
[1] Hair gel (clogs your forehead skin pores and causes forehead pimples). [2] You do not shampoo enough. Oily unwashed hair that is in contact with your forehead skin will make your Acne worse. [3] You frequently wear helmets, baseball caps or headbands. These will cause friction to your skin resulting in breakouts and more forehead pimples.
Next step?
Look for a good leave on anti-acne cream. (The benzoyl peroxide area of your plan). The Use a very gentle cleanser and in the morning oil free moisturizer of makeup.
If you do sports or sweat a lot on your forehead you may use stri-dex wipes to wipe up your sweat and unclog your pores in the same time.

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