What is the best treatment for women with adult hormonal acne and hair loss?

Adult hormonal acne and hair loss are caused by the exact mechanisms—oversensitivity of the hair follicles and sebaceous glands to the male androgens (testosterone and DHY). MDhair is the world's first medical-grade hair loss treatment customized to treat the root cause of hair loss. It offers potent scalp treatment serum and oral supplements for women with adult acne that counteract the effects of the androgens and help reduce acne and female pattern hair loss.

Here are some of the unique advantages of MDhair's customized anti-hair loss treatment:

  • Targets hair loss from the inside (supplements) and outside (topicals + shampoos).

  • Combines FDA-approved medications with more than 100 dermatologist-formulated botanicals, adaptogens, probiotics, and marine and plant peptides.

  • Unlimited & free medical support.

  • Free fine-tuning of the medications.

  • Clean and eco-friendly.

Once you subscribe to MDhair, you will receive a kit of products customized for your specific hair care needs. You can get your first kit at a discounted price. Get started right here!

Best scalp treatment serums for women's hair loss
Best oral supplements for women's hair loss

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