What is the best kind of bread for people with acne? Sourdough vs whole grain?

Research shows that eating high glycemic index food can cause more acne. Sourdough bread has a lower Glycemic Index (GI index)than white or all-grain bread because the method of fermentation lowers the sugar content in the bread. The Glycemic Index of sourdough bread is around 50, compared to whole grain bread that is usually about 70. Sourdough Bread is also believed to help with mineral absorption in the gut.

The unique sourdough bread’s fermentation process means that we are better able to absorb the available minerals in sourdough bread. Those minerals, magnesium copper, zinc, and iron are good for your general health and healing of the acne.

Thus, it seems that sourdough bread will be better for people with acne, compared to conventional white or all-grain wheat bread.

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