What is the best acne brand that clears acne with a week or so?

Hi. Unfortunately there is no drug on earth that will clear acne in one week. Even the most powerful anti-acne drugs, like accuatne, will need 3-5 months to control active acne. To get rid of your acne you need some patience and commitment. If your acne is mild- moderate you can expect to see some improvement after 4-6 weeks and get much better in 8-12 weeks. The best way to make your acne go away is; 1. Learn what causes your acne breakouts and learn how to avoid these factors. 2. use your MDacne app to understand what is the severity of your acne and which products you need to use. 3. Commit to your treatment and track your skin improvement with the app at least twice a day. It was shown that people that track their skin improve faster. P.S.: Blue light treatment is one of the faster ways to reduce acne redness and inflammation. You may consider it as an addition to your anti-acne gels. 🙂

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