What is acne?

Acne is an inflammatory skin disorder that affects 7% of the the population in any given moment. Affects 80% of adolescence and up to 15% of adult men and women up to the age of 40. When you are Acne prone, your sebaceous gland will be more sensitive to your (male) hormones. These glands will enlarge and become clogged - leading to overgrowth of Acne bacteria. The skin own immune system reacts to the overgrowth of these bacteria and produces the redness and pus that is typical to Acne.

Very rare cases of Acne can be caused by high levels of hormones with testosterone-like activity. Examples include polycystic ovary syndrome, internal diseases that cause the body to produce more male hormones or external ingestion of hormones such as the steroids used by professional bodybuilders.

Treatment of Acne should be based on age and on the type and severity of the Acne. In many cases, breakouts can be prevented by simple means and further improved by the right over the counter medication. Severe cases should be treated by oral medications, more specifically Isotretinoin (Accutane). Learn more about the benefits of Accutane here.

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