What foods should I eat to maintain healthy skin?

Relationship between food and acne

Acne is NOT caused by eating the right or wrong food. Nevertheless, some foods may trigger or enhance the severity of acne.

Foods that are not good for acne prone skin.

1. Cow’s milk and dairy. Most of the cows that give us milk are pregnant during milking. Their milk contains hormones and growth factors that will worsen acne.
3. Food that contains lots of white flour and sugar: cakes, sweets, ice cream, cookies, and white bread.
4. Sugary drinks, cola, and fruit juices.
5. Nuts: these contain a large amount of fat as well as a lot of salt.
6. Food that contains Iodine (sushi, seaweed salad, etc.).
7. Large quantities of vitamins B6 and B12 as an overdose of these vitamins was linked to a worsening of acne symptoms (learn more about B12 and acne here)

Food that is good for acne prone skin.

1. More fish, such as salmon, tuna, and sardines. These fish contain important fatty acids such as Omega-3s and may also enhance your skin and overall health. It’s also possible to take capsules containing these acids (fish oil).
2. Water. Water. Water. You should start the day drinking water and continue to drink at least 8 cups of additional water during the day.
Other good alternatives to sugary sodas are herbal teas, and drinks with artificial sweeteners.

Check out updated acne and food info for more good info on the relationships between food and acne can gound

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