What foods make you break out?

Diet can be complicated since different people can react differently to certain foods. However, there are certain foods that have a higher association with acne and therefore, worth considering reducing—or eliminating—from your diet if you struggle with breakouts.

1. Dairy: Dairy products—particularly cow's milk—are a huge culprit for many with acne. Consider eliminating dairy from your diet and using dairy-free alternatives such as those with an almond, cashew, or coconut base.

2. Soy Products: Tofu, soy-based veggie burgers, and soy milk have been associated with hormonal acne, which appears mainly under the jawlines and around the mouth. Take a careful look at ingredients in packaged foods to make sure there are no hidden soy products.

3. Wheat products: These foods are both high-glycemic and contain gluten, which can be a mojor acne trigger. Reduce intake of refined white flour as well as other high-carbohydrate wheat products.

4. Sugar and sweets: Do we need to elaborate? Sugar is a total no-go when it comes to acne and overall health. Consider elliminating sugar from your diet and switching to sweeteners such as stevia or honey when necessary.

5. Peanuts: Peanuts contain an androgen, which can make acne worse by increasing sebum production. Good news, there are tons of awesome, acne-friendly alternatives to peanuts such as almonds, cashews, and macadamia nuts, which have not been shown to affect androgen levels.

6. Coffee (not Caffeine): Coffee can raise blood cortisol level, which can have a huge impact on the skin. But if you're thinking about switching to decaf, think again... caffeine isn’t the trigger, it's the coffee beans themselves. Consider switching to teas such as green tea, which contains some caffeine and can help with the transition from coffee.

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