What are the top ten tips to stop acne breakouts?

  1. The easiest a most effective way to fight acne and prevent the risk of long term scarring is prevention. Starting early when the first pimple appear.
  2. Twice daily cleansing.
  3. Keep your hair off you face. Shampoo your hair every day and avoids heavy hair mousses and greasy hair compounds.
  4. Avoid greasy creams and sunscreens.
  5. Avoid fluorinated toothpaste.
  6. Proper diet. (Reduce Sugars, White flour, Salty food, and Cow milk).
  7. Never touch, or squeeze. (Self or Aesthetician)
  8. Start early with nightly topical such as low percentage benzoyl peroxide preparation
  9. Topicals should be always applied ALL over the face to prevent NEW pimples.
  10. If the above are not enough do not hesitate to start Accutane preferably in continuation with blue light phototherapy to decrease risk of flare-ups.

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