Using the anti-acne face mask - FAQ

How should I take care of my anti-acne face mask?

Your mask is reusable and made of high-quality cotton. Washing it with water and any simple machine or handwashing detergent should be enough. There is no need to add any harsh chemicals or disinfectants.

How frequently should I wash the mask?

According to Dr. William Schaffner, medical director of the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases in Bethesda, Maryland, while there are no strict recommendations, it's generally safe to wear the mask for a few days without washing it, or up to a week if it isn't visibly soiled. That said, if you happen to be in contact with a confirmed patient, you should clean your mask once you get home.

Can I iron the mask?

The mask can be ironed on the cotton setting.

What should I do if my mask is too big?

If you feel that your mask is too big, you can machine wash it with warm water, and tumble dry high. This can shrink the mask by 5-15%.

What should I do if my mask is too small?

Because it is cotton, washing the mask in the machine and dryer can cause shrinkage. If you feel that your mask is too small, wash it by hand with mild soap and warm (not hot) water, then air dry.

Can I bleach my mask?

You can bleach your mask with NON-chlorine bleach.

Should I use any disinfectants for cleaning the mask?

Please do not add any special chemicals or disinfectants to clean your mask. Regular hand or machine wash powders or gels are enough.

For how long would the mask be effective?

The effectiveness of the copper and silver fibers in the fabric is expected to last up to 15-20 washes. You can prolong the mask's efficacy by washing it by hand or by placing it in a pillowcase before putting it in the washing machine.

What are the machine and dryer settings for washing the masks?

You can wash the mask in the washing machine on warm and tumble dry high.

What are the dimensions of the anti-acne face mask?

The dimensions of the mask are 6"W (15.2 cm) x 3.5"H (8.9 cm). The width including the earloops is 10"W (25.4 cm).

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