Ten best tips for retinol users

Retinol is a great treatment ingredient for both acne and skin aging. It can unclog skin pores for people with acne, reduce the number of existing and new whiteheads and blackheads, improve skin texture, and help fade post-acne spots. It has the additional benefit of increasing collagen production on the dermis for adult women, reducing fine wrinkles, and restoring the skin's natural fresh glow.

Having said all that, retinol can irritate the skin and make it red and try. One needs to ease into the retinol treatment. Once the skin adjusts to retinol, its' full power is revealed. The best strategy doff using retinol would be starting with a low % of 0.25% (equivalent to tertian 0.025%), gradually increasing application frequency, and % to 0.5% retinol, which would and equal to 0.05% tretinoin.

Excellent addition to any retinol cream is niacinamide. Niacinamide in the right amount is synergistic to retinol, helping with skin texture, clogged pores. Niacinamide will also be usual at reducing amalgamation, reducing the redness and dryness induced by some of the retinol.

Ten best tips for retinol users

  1. Start with the low concentration (0.25%)
  2. Start with a small amount (pea-sized amount to the whole face).
  3. Touch 6 points on the face, and spread the cream in a circular motion.
  4. Start with an every other night application
  5. Never apply retinols on the folds of the nose and chin.
  6. Apply it at least 3 minutes after your cleanse your face
  7. Do not use retinol when pregnant or breastfeeding.
  8. Do not use retinols on damaged or sunburn skin.
  9. Reduce your sun exposure
  10. Always wear a sunscreen before you go outside.

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