Is there a good way to treat deep acne scars?

Acne Scars are caused by loss or damage to the dermal tissue. the most common type, Depressed scars, are caused by thick strands of fibers that pull the skin downwards.

Treatment of these scars should both disrupt these fibers and trigger the production of healthy new collagen to fill up the depression. Fractional lasers can reach to a maximal depth of 1mm while the newer microneedle RF (Radiowaves) system that seem to be more effective can reach up to 3.5mm.

Due to their deeper penetration non insulated microneedle RF technologies (such as Endymed’s Intensif system) seem to be more efficient and safe than the fractional lasers, especially on darker skin types.

Before and after 1 micro needle RF treatment for acne scars (Endymed Intensif Handpiece)

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