Is the Clarisonic good to use?

Cleansing your skin with an ultrasonic brush like the ones by Clinique or Clarisonic can be beneficial if used properly. It is definitely NOT a good idea to use it on moderate or severe acne when the skin a very sensitive and inflamed. The best benefit can be achieved for users with mild Acne with many comedones (blackheads or whiteheads) and just a few red inflammatory pimples.

A few practical tips:

[1] if you have inflammatory Acne - never use these brushes. It will be too irritating and will damage the outer protection layer of your skin.

2) Choose an Acne brush that has longer bristles (example: The Clarisonic Green acne cleansing brush heads). This type of brush will be gentler on your skin.

3) Don't press it into your face: The Brush will exfoliate your skin anyway. You do not want to over do it!

3) Clean it thoroughly after every use: These brushes are a “perfect” reservoir for dirt and bacteria. If they are not cleaned properly they may even, make your Acne worse. The best way is to rinse the brush thoroughly under running water and leave it in Alcohol for a few hours every week.

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