Is acne different in people with darker or asian skin type?

Acne is usually the same in all skin types and genders. Nevertheless, post-acne brown spots, also called PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) are more common in these skin types. Interestingly, it seems that acne itself is more disturbing to fair skin patients than darker skin or Asian patients, while PIH was more distressing to non-Caucasian patients than Caucasian patients. Recent studies have shown the incidence of brown post-acne spots to be 65.3% in blacks, 52.7% in Hispanics, and in 47.4% of Asians. Untreated, it is long-lasting—1 year in 50% of the patients and >5 years in 22%. Post acne signs are directly correlated to the severity of the acne and the length of time until the acne is controlled. It is agreed that the best way to prevent post-acne brown spots and scars to treat active acne as early as possible.

Best acne treatment for Asian skin

The best way to get rid of post-acne dark spots

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