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In what season are you most likely to get acne?

acne in winter

For many people, acne can tend to get worse in winter.

Why do we have more acne breakouts in winter?
The dry cold air that that surrounds us in the fall and winter months, increases the natural evaporation of moisture of our skin, damages its outer protective layer and causes more acne breakouts. Colder rapid wind, just increase the damage to the skin. The same is true for the air inside the house. Most heating system, especially air conditions and heat emitting radiators are over drying the air and the skin.

How to treat acne breakouts in winter?
The dryness of the skin in winter can be easily treated with specially formulated oil-free moisturizers. These, moisturizers, are usually a bit thicker that the usual moisturizing lotions people use in summer. Having said that, they content non comedogenic ingredients, that are suitable for people with acne prone skin.

Which acne medications are the best for people with dry and sensitive skin?
People that are using acne medications in winter may need to swath the type of cream they are using. Some of the common prescription anti-acne gels Adapalene Differin or Epiduo are very irritating and drying for the skin. As you rule of thumb, you should always prefer cream based anti-acne medications over gel based anti-acne medications. As gels are more irritating than creams, this difference is very significant especially in the fall and winter. If you feel your skin is dry, it’s better to which to personalized anti-acne medications, such as MDacne, that contain lees irritating ingredients such a s micronized benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.

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