I'm in my 50s and have been diagnosed with rosacea. What's the possible treatment?

Topical creams: it is generally assumed that some cases the rosacea is due to response to a parasite called Demodex. This parasite populates the sebaceous glands. Treatment gels that contains metronidazole may help in these cases. Examples: Acea, Metrosa, Rosiced, Rozex, Zyomet.

Oral Antibiotic treatment: different antibiotics, especially, Minocycline can destroy the p. acnes bacteria and reduce skin inflammation in rosacea.

Intense Pulse Light: these are medical devices that emit intense pulses of light, similar to Lasers. These wavelengths of light are absorbed in the dilated capillaries of the skin and eliminate them.

Photodynamic Therapy: A treatment that combines application of a chemical to the skin followed by Blue Light treatment. This compound, called Amino Levulinic Acid (ALA) penetrates the enlarged sebaceous glands. Once the light reaches the ALA in the skin a chemical reaction starts causing destruction of the bacteria and possibly shrinkage of the treated sebaceous glands.

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