I'm fed up of spots. I've got blackheads all over my nose. I don't know what to do!

We can totally empathize with being fed up with breakouts and blackheads. The good news is, both of these frustrations are totally solvable!

The best way to tackle both of these issues is with a combination of a medicated acne treatment regimen combined and weekly-use pore cleansing strips such as the MDacne Blackheads Removal Strips. Using these strips regularly will remove many of your blackheads safely and effectively without unnecessary trauma to your skin.

That's the best way to tackle blackheads quickly, now let's talk about prevention. The best way to prevent future blackheads is with the daily application of medicated products that contain salicylic acid and or retinoic acids, such as the customized MDacne cleansers and treatment creams. Using these products consistently for at least 3 months have been shown to decrease the number of blackheads.

Makeup Tips: Opt for powder-based makeup,, which will help to both cover up pimples and will also absorb some of the excess oil that can lead to blackheads and other breakouts.

Check out your personal routine on MDacne app for specific routine and product suggestions. 🙂

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