I have acne and I don't pop my pimples or blackheads. Why are there spots?

Often times after active acne heals, we're left with something called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, brown and red spots caused by the pimples themselves. Hyperpigmentation is often made worse from touching the skin and damage from popping pimples. However, even on our best behavior (hands away from the face!) we may still have to deal with post-acne dark spots. The only way to prevent those spots is to prevent new pimples from forming with an effective anti-acne treatment such as the customer MDacne acne treatment kits combined with safe, effective blackheads removal with sensitive skin-friendly pore cleansing strips. To treat existing post-acne dark spots, you can also use a medicated dark spot remover, which will help fade these marks much more quickly.

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