How to treat dry eyes caused by your COVID face mask?

If your eyes are red, stinging, and your vision is blurred, you are not alone. Ophthalmologists around the world report an increase in complaints of dry eyes following the use of face masks.

What causes mask related eye dryness?

Face masks are an essential factor in our fight against corona. That said, wearing these masks seems to be associated with a few annoying skin and eye disorder—Maskne on the skin and frequently eye dryness. Mask induced eye dryness can happen at any age, including children. That said, it more common in the elderly, affecting 10-30% of the elderly population.

It seems that the increased dryness in the eyes is the flow of air from the mouth and nose to the eyes: when the mask is not firmly fastened to the face and over the bridge of the nose, air from breathing and speech covers the conjunctiva, causing tears to evaporate and dryness.

What makes mask related eye dryness worse?

Sitting in front of a computer screen, a TV, or a handheld device, for many hours a day, while wearing the masks, is especially problematic. Looking at the screens, we are blinking less frequently, causing the eyes to be drier. Sitting under air condition is not a good idea for people with eye dryness. The air from the air condition can further dry the conjunctivae and increase eye irritation,

What can be done about mask related ere dryness?

1. Be sure to tighten the mask to the to the bridge of your nose: this will prevent the flow of air from the nose and mouth to your eyes.

2. Try artificial tears. To reduce eye irritation, look for disposable vials that do not contain a preservative. In contrary to myth, - tear substitutes do not cause "addiction" of the eye and do not aggravate the phenomenon.

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