How to stop acne?

Treatment of acne has changed over the years. It started with a small number of "one size fits all" creams that people received in Dermatologist offices or bought online. The more severe cases were given oral antibiotics. These "one size fits all" were frequently ineffective or very irritation to the skin. The acne bacteria became resistant to most antibiotics further decreasing the efficacy of these treatments. New creams such as adapalene (Differin, Epiduo) have been proven to be less effective and more irritating than benzoyl peroxide the gold standard of topical acne treatment. In the last 2 years acne treatment was revolutionized by the development of personalized acne treatment products. Because they are personalized for your skin, the MDacne products are usually much more effective than the "one size fits all" products one can buy in drugstores or online and more than most prescription anti-acne creams. MDalgorithms the company behind MDacne took it one step further and build a mobile acne assessment system that can personalize the treatment to each user and allow optional quicker results with minimal skin irritation.

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