How to clear acne?

Acne lasts on average 8 years. It is very important to treat acne early and effectively. The most effective treatment for acne are medical grade anti-acne creams and oral medications including oral antibiotics and isotretinoin (accutane). Additional important tools to improve acne and prevent future breakouts would be eating the right food using the right makeup other tools light blue light devices. Interestingly, if personalized to the skin type and acne severity 80% of people with acne can be treated effectively by creams alone without the need for oral treatment.

This is exactly what MDacne is all about. Our mission at MDacne is to match each user with the right acne treatment for their specific skin type and acne condition. Because they are personalized for your skin, our products are usually much more effective than the "one size fits all" products you can buy in drugstores or online and more than most prescription anti-acne creams. Once you subscribe, you will receive a full customized kit of products and as well as full access to premium service of the app, including unlimited access to "Chat with a Dermatologist", skin monitoring with the selfie analysis tracker, fine-tuning of your products, and more.

The simplest way to treat acne

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