How do I deal with acne pimples on the side of the face and on the temples?

Pimples on one side of the face are very common and are typically attributed to some of your daily habits. Here are some tips on how to prevent them in the future:

There are a few things you can do to reduce pimples on the side of the face and on the temples.

1. Avoid hair gels. These products clog the skin pores and cause pimples.
2. Wash your hair every day. Oily unwashed hair that is in contact with your skin will make your acne worse.
3. Avoid headbands, helmets, and baseball caps. These will cause friction to your skin resulting in breakouts and more pimples.
4. if you do sports and sweat a lot, you need to shower immediately after sport or use acne wipes to remove the sweat of your forehead.
5. Use your mobile with earbuds or speakers. The mobile screen has a lot of bacteria on it and can cause acne breakouts on the sides of the face.
6. Change your pillow cover every week. The friction and sweat that accumulates on the pillow can cause acne breakouts.
7. For treatment look at your personal plan on the app.
8. Stick to your MDacne treatment. This will help heal any existing pimples and avoid new ones from forming.
9. Do not forget to track your skin your MDacne app. People who track their skin improve faster.

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