How can I balance my skin when it gets super dry from using products and cleansers, etc., but then breaks out when use moisturizers?

Hi, Emily. To prevent dryness and still get the anti-acne benefits you need to look at all the products you are using. 1. Need to use ONLY mild cleansers. Use very small amounts. 2. Your anti-acne night cream should not be too drying. If you use benzoyl peroxide - 2.5% is enough. 3. Very important. Even if you have oily skin you to in the morning an oil free moisturizer. 4. Do not use anti-acne scrubs, peeling masks and exfoliators. These can dry and irritate your skin and will not help with your acne. The MDacne products have been formulated to be personalized to different kinds of skin types including dry skin. Once you subscribe to MDacne the app will assess your skin and you will be provided with a cleanser, anti-acne cream and moisturizer that are customized to your exact skin type. 🙂

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