Does taking plan B cause acne?

acne and plan B pillThe Plan B pills, also called the “morning after pills” are used to stop unwanted pregnancy in woman that did not use an effective contraceptive.

Hormones play a major role in controlling sebum production in your skin. Birth-control pills that contain both estrogen and progesterone often help control acne by leveling off those hormone levels. The Plan B pill is different. Because the Plan B pill is high in a progesterone-like hormone Levonorgestrel, it will usually cause acne to be worse.

The Plan B pills contain Levonorgestrel an hormone that is similar to progesterone. This hormone, prevents the egg from being released from the ovary, thickens the vaginal fluids to prevent the sperm from reaching the egg preventing pregnancy.

In addition to its benefit on preventing unwanted pregnancy it has some less desirable s effects among them some testosterone like, androgenic properties that can cause severe acne breakouts. These are very similar to the breakouts caused by the hormone-based IUDs.

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