Does smoking weed cause acne?

Testosterone levels are one of the biggest triggers of hormonal acne in both males and females alike. Why is this relevant when talking about Marijuana? Well, studies have shown that TCH (tetrahydrocannabinol), one of the main ingredients in cannabis and marijuana, increases testosterone levels, which can ultimately trigger an acne breakout. This rise in testosterone happens when the TCH is ingested and the has an immediate effect, such as from smoking or vaporizing.

Having said that, the increase in testosterone associated with marijuana is quite small (3-5%) and therefore, likely has only a minor effect on acne. Additionally, THC does have anti-inflammatory an antioxidant effects while helping to reduces stress for some. These beneficial effects may help counteract the potential negative repercussions from the rise in testosterone levels when it comes to triggering or worsening acne.

As with anything, if you do use marijuana, take note of any noticeable changes in your skin and adjust your habits accordingly. One tip: smoke from marijuana can suppress collagen production, which is important for healthy skin. Therefore, using a vaporizer may be a preferable option.

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