Does cheese cause acne?

There is strong evidence for the connection of dairy and acne. Cheese—made from cow’s milk in most varieties—is likely to have the same effect on your skin, causing or exacerbating acne breakouts.

But what about calcium? Adults need 1,000 mg of calcium per day to maintain healthy bones. If you are concerned about your blood calcium level and bone health, here are some alternatives to dairy that increase your calcium levels without making your acne worse.​​

1. White Beans: 191 mg (19% DV) in 1 cup canned
2. Canned Salmon: 232 mg
3. Sardines: 321 mg in about 7 sardines fillets
4. Dried Figs: 107 mg in 8 whole dried figs
5. Bok Choy 74 mg: in 1 cup
6. Blackstrap Molasses: 172 mg in 1 tablespoon
7. Kale: 188 mg in 2 cups raw
8. Black-Eyed Peas: 185 mg in 1/2 cup canned
9. Almonds: 72 mg about 20 nuts
10. Sesame Seeds: 88 mg in 1 tablespoon

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