Do certain foods affect acne on the upper cheeks?

I am not aware of foods that specifically cause acne on the upper cheeks. Take a look at the list bellow for foods that were linked to acne breakouts: 🙂

1. Cow’s milk and Dairy
To prevent breakouts switch from cow’s milk to almond milk, rice milk or coconut.

2. Soy milk and Tofu
Tofu, vegetarian burgers or drinking soy milk will cause more acne breakouts mainly under the jawlines and around the mouth.

3. White bread, baguettes, croissants
To prevent new pimples reduce intake of refined white flour, sugar and soybean oil.

4. Sugar and sweets
To reduce acne breakouts use sweeteners such as stevia or honey.

5. Peanuts
Better switch to almonds and cashews that don’t affect androgen levels.

6. Coffee (not Caffeine)
Coffee beans can raise blood cortisol level. Switching to decaf won’t do anything since caffeine isn’t the trigger. A better alternative is tea.

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