Can I improve my acne without a Dermatologist?

Acne is not so hard to cure. You just need the right strategy and persistence.
If the acne is mild or mild to moderate, you have a good chance to improve your acne by following the steps below. If your acne is moderate to severe you should refer to a good Dermatologist.

Suggested steps to improve you acne :

[1] Know the type and severity of your acne. The MDacne app you are using was built to help you.

[2] Educate yourself with unbiased medically based information. There are many commercial sites trying to sell their own products. Focus on Dermatologists’ written content, medical apps, videos, and posts.

[3] Very important: Understand how to prevent your next pimple. There are many ways to prevent your next breakout even before your start using your cleansers and anti-acne products.

[4] Get a customized daily routine based on your acne type and severity, buy your products and start your daily acne routine. (again you can get it for free when you use these new mobile apps).

[5] Commit to your treatment. All acne treatments start to work in 3–4 weeks and will get to optimal results only after 3 months. You MUST be patient.

[6] In the rare cases you do not see results in 12 weeks refer to a Dermatologist to consider prescription medicine.

To find the right acne treatments for your unique skin, take the free skin assessment by clicking here.

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