Can I add glycolic acid to my routine? I feel like I need to exfoliate my skin sometimes.

acne glycolic acid

Exfoliators and chemical peels are NOT a good idea for people with active acne. They over-irritate the skin, damage the skin's protective layer, and can actually cause more breakouts. Therefore, it's better not to use them until after the acne has subsided (if then). Having said that the MDacne products do contain small quantities of glycolic acid (AHA) and beta hydroxy acids (BHA) that provide a mild exfoliating effect in a gradual and safe way.

If you have active acne, the best way to treat it is with real active anti-acne medications, such as MDacne, that are personalized to your skin and are more effective and less irritating than "one fits all" products bought on drugstores or online.

Should you use an exfoliating spin brush for acne?

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