Do clay masks help with breakouts?

Clay masks, particularly those created for acne-prone skin can help to treat and prevent breakouts. The mineral powders in clay masks are particularly beneficial as they absorb excess oil in the skin and help soothe and calm inflammation. That being said, these masks should not be used as a single treatment for oily, acne-prone skin and should be considered a supplement to your topical acne treatment routine.

Warning: do not use acne masks on irritated skin as this can worsen breakouts. Limit use to once per week and less often if irritation occurs.

Another way to help treat and extract blackheads is with weekly application of a pore-cleansing strip such as the MDacne Blackheads Removal Strips. These strips are formulated for sensitive, acne-prone skin and work best when used alongside the MDacne medicated cleansers, which help soften pores and prepare them for extraction.

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