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Anti-acne face masks? How do they prevent Maskne?

What is maskne?

the location of maskne on the face

Maskne is a type of acne caused by anti-COVID face masks. The humidity and heat under the masks, combined with mechanical damage to the skin, promote the growth of bacteria and fungi under the mask, causing acne breakouts. Maskne will typically be in a circle around the nose and chin ("O" shape).

How do silver and copper ions kill bacteria and fungi?

Silver and copper ions have been used as antimicrobial agents for centuries without exact knowledge about their action mechanisms. Silver and copper are the most potent antimicrobial metal ions. Silver and copper have been shown to have bactericidal activity on both gram + and gram-bacteria, yeast, and molds. However, when used in a cream or solution, they can easily be oxidized and lose their antimicrobial efficacy. New technology uses natural or synthetic ceramic-like nanoparticles (zeolites) to stabilize the metal ions and protect them from inadvertent oxidation.

How does the anti-acne mask prevent maskne?

How does the anti-acne mask prevent maskne?

MDacne's anti-acne mask is made of three layers of cotton impregnated with silver and copper-carrying nanoparticles. These ceramic-like nanoparticles are firmly attached to mask cloth fibers. Contact of bacteria and fungi with the metal ions on the metal-containing particles' surface destroys the offenders.

How do the anti-acne masks compare to single-use surgical masks?

The common single-use surgical masks and the N95 masks are made from polypropylene, a type of plastic very similar to polyethylene in our trash bags. This dense synthetic material traps hot air and humidity under the mask, creating the perfect breeding environment for bacteria and fungi - causing more acne breakouts.

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