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Single Pimple Master Patch

Ultrathin and transparent

110 Reviews


✓ Heals pimples in as little as 6 hours

✓ Ultrathin and transparent, blends with all skin tones

✓ Perfect for daytime and overnight use

✓ Absorbs fluid and reduces inflammation

✓ Creates a barrier to encourage wound repair process

✓ Prevents pimple popping & picking  

✓ Moisturizing, hypoallergenic, safe for sensitive skin

✓ Medical-grade aluminum packaging


Want to get rid of a pimple fast? The MDacne Master Pimple Patches heal blemishes in as little as 6 hours! These revolutionary hydrocolloid patches work like a sponge to absorb oil and pus from clogged pores. They keep blemishes moist to promote faster healing while reducing skin irritation and protect from further infection, damage, and scarring. Transparent and ultrathin, they can be worn comfortably day or night to get rid of pimples faster than ever! 

Quantity: 36 total patches (12 large, 12mm patches and 24 small, 8mm patches)

How to use



1. Clean your skin with your cleanser and pat dry.

2. Apply the patch to the affected area and press firmly at the edges.

3. Leave the patch on the skin overnight or for at least 6 hours during the daytime. 

4. Once the patch turns cloudy, peel to remove and replace with a new patch.



Based on 110 Reviews
Madison Verified BuyerVerified Buyer Verified Reviewer

These are the best!

These are the best! They adhere really well, prevent dirt from accumulating on my pimple, and they are barely noticeable.
Livi Verified BuyerVerified Buyer Verified Reviewer

My face is already starting to clear up

They are working really well! I’ve had them for a few days and they are amazing! I’m almost done with the pack. For small pimples they basically work overnight and bigger or popped ones take a couple of days but overall the seem to help a lot! My face is already starting to clear up.
Carson Verified BuyerVerified Buyer Verified Reviewer

Pretty good!

They are working pretty good! Reduced the redness and looked way better the next day forsure.
Tiara Verified BuyerVerified Buyer Verified Reviewer


The pimple patches are a lifesaver. They’re the best spot treatment I have ever tried in my life!!! They literally heal every pimple over night
Yajaira Verified BuyerVerified Buyer Verified Reviewer

maybe for smaller pimples

Honestly they didn’t work for me, maybe for smaller pimples.