Selfie 241 3

Selfie Light

Light up your selfies



✓  Includes a rechargeable battery with USB cable for maximum convenience. 

✓  3 levels of brightness to help you achieve the optimal level of glow.

✓  Easy-to-use clip gently grips to your phone.  

✓  Perfect for night time or dark rooms.



A clearer complexion starts with a clearer view of your skin! Upgrade your selfie game with the MDacne Selfie Light. Just clip it onto your phone for some extra illumination at home or on-the-go. Use it to take better skin progress photos in the MDacne app or snap a glowing pic for your stories.

With this portable ring light, you'll have a mini studio with you at home and on-the-go! 
3 levels of brightness will ensure you get the right amount of light for all of your needs. The Selfie Light includes a built-in rechargeable battery with a USB cable that will save you from buying extra batteries. 


                                    MDacne selfie light