The Best Diet For People With Acne

Best Diet Severe Acne

Which food do you need to avoid when you have cystic acne?

1. Dairy products

Milk, cheese, and other dairy products can raise insulin levels, which leads to the overproduction of hormones called androgens that play a role in acne. Removing dairy from your diet may reduce the number of new lesions that develop and lessen symptoms of acne. Be particularly careful with whey protein, ice cream, and pizza — these contain a lot of dairies!

2. Avoid food with a high glycemic index (High GI food)

Food with a glycemic index of 70-100 is regarded as high glycemic food, 56-69 is considered as medium GI food and < 55 GI food is viewed as low glycemic food. In general: If you are addicted to Italian food, cook your pasta for less time. Cooking can increase the glycemic index/load (bad). So "al dente" pasta is a better choice than soft. Another tip: combine foods with protein (e.g., beans and nuts) or fat. This will slow digestion and allow for the slower conversion of carbohydrates to blood sugar, which is a good thing if you want to control acne.

Which high glycemic foods that can cause acne breakouts?

Most processed foods: boxed cereal, crackers and rice cakes, instant oats, sweetened baked goods and candies, white bread, white rice, and white potatoes. When combined with moderate exercise, reducing your sugar intake can help regular insulin levels and mitigate acne symptoms. Sugary foods include any food with added sugars and syrups, like sodas, cereal, candy, and cake.

Which low glycemic foods that can help with your acne?

Low glycemic foods that can reduce your acne: whole grains bread (GI of 46 (low), chickpeas: 33 (low), lentils: 29 (low), non-starchy vegetables, sweet potatoes have a GI of 54 (low), apples or pears: 36 (low), peaches: 28 (low), grapefruit: 25 (low).

Avoid foods that contain brewer’s yeast.

Brewer's yeast is an ingredient that is used in most bakery products (like bread, pizza dough, and cake) to help the food "rise". Avoiding products with brewer's yeast can help promote the healing of skin lesions. You might find brewer’s yeast in beer, vinegar, black tea, soy sauce, bread (white and whole grain), mushrooms, and bagels, too.

What should you eat if you have this severe form of acne?

Your skin loves vegetables and fresh fruit, unsweetened cereals that don’t contain yeast (from rice or corn), white meat (chicken or fish), eggs, and green tea. That's a short list but it's a good place to start!

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