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The 5 best products to conceal pimples

Conceal Pimples Concealer

If you’ve got breakouts, make sure to get into an effective acne-fighting routine and stick with it! Remember that acne is always treatable and tons of people are dealing with the same skin issues, too. While you’re fighting acne with the right topical treatments, you may want to conceal your pimples and hyperpigmentation as well.

When choosing makeup products, it’s important that you don’t use anything that could potentially make your acne worse. If you have acne-prone skin, always choose products that are labeled “oil-free” and “non-comedogenic.”

Here are the five best products you can use to conceal a breakout!

Oil-free Primers

Oil-free primers absorb the excess oils on your skin and create a smooth base for your makeup. Your makeup can glide evenly on top of a primer, which means it’ll help you cover all your pimples and get a smooth, finished can also help you get away with using less product.

Acne-Fighting Foundation

These are foundations with salicylic acid in them. We think of these like a two-in-one product — you get an oil-free foundation for coverage combined with a medical-grade salicylic acid for treatment (salicylic acid unclogs your pores and prevents acne pimples).


These creamy products can help when foundation coverage is not enough. A small amount dabbed on your blemishes will help conceal even the most stubborn pimples. Make sure your concealer always matches your skin tone — if you can’t find the perfect concealer color to match your skin tone, you can mix two shades together.

Setting Powder

This powder should be applied after your foundation and concealer. It will lock everything in place and keep your skin well covered for the whole day.

Natural Blush/Bronzer

Always make sure to use blushes and bronzer s that are labeled "non-comedogenic" and be mindful of which colors could make a cheek breakout stand out more.

Hey, remember: You are awesome and do NOT need makeup to be beautiful. However, good makeup can be a great tool to help you feel more confident while you heal your acne. All acne is treatable and it won’t last forever!

How to clean your makeup brushes when you have acne?

1. Fill a bowl with lukewarm water
2. Add one tablespoon of baby shampoo
3. Rinse the tip of your makeup brush in running water
4. Swirl in the bowl
5. Rotate the tip of the brush in the palm of your hand until you get a good lather
6. Rinse the brush in running water Until the water runs clear
7. Squeeze out excess moisture with a clean towel
8. Lay flat to dry

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