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Body builders? How to prevent and treat body acne -now

Whey Protein Affect On Acne

Hey, bodybuilders — if you’re suffering from acne, we’ve got some clear-skin tips for you.

Are you taking whey protein?

If you are, that could be a big trigger of your acne breakouts. Recent studies prove that whey protein can make acne worse.

Why does milk sourced whey protein cause acne breakouts?

Whey proteins are made with casein, which is a dairy protein. Similar to cow’s milk and dairy, whey protein contains more than 60 different hormones. Many of these hormones, particularly IGF (Insulin-Like Growth Factor), have been shown to increase the size and activity of the sebaceous glands, leading to more acne breakouts.

Is there proof that whey protein makes acne worse? A recent study describes five male patients age 14 to 18 years who experienced the onset of acne shortly after initiation of whey protein supplementation; 3 teenagers used the supplement for muscle building in football training and the other 2 for attempting to gain weight. Lesions fully cleared in 4 patients after discontinuation of whey protein supplementation. One patient’s acne flared after reinitiation of the whey protein supplement. Among these patients, at least 6 different brands of whey protein supplementation had been used, including whey protein shakes and reconstituted powders.

What is the best non-vegan alternative protein supplement for bodybuilders?

Good protein alternatives for acne-prone bodybuilders include organic grass-fed meat (beef, meat, fish) and free-range eggs.

What is the best vegan protein supplement for bodybuilders?

A great alternative to whey protein is pea protein — it’ll give you both a pre-workout energy boost and improve your post-workout muscle recovery. Pea protein also has a complete array of amino acids, including high levels of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). Peas are also free of both animal and soy proteins, and so they’re super ideal for people with lactose intolerance and vegetarians with soy allergies. Peas are also free of both animal and soy proteins, and so they’re super ideal for vegetarians with soy allergies (learn more about soy and acne here).

Vegan non-dairy protein supplement for people with acne-prone skin can be made of pea protein, soy protein, and hemp protein.
For the best options, you can try this type or this type.

How can bodybuilders prevent body acne?

Besides switching your whey protein to a cleaner alternative like pea protein, here are more tips to help you fight acne when you’re working out.

1. Clothing: Be careful about wearing too-tight clothes at the gym — they keep all the sweat in and rub against your skin, which causes breakouts. Wear breathable clothing that’ll wick away sweat instead.

2. Shower: Always shower immediately after exercising! When you work out, your skin heats up and your perspiration provides optimal growing conditions for bacteria. So. Gross! Staying in your sweaty clothes can irritate your skin and trigger body acne. If you can’t shower right after you work out, at least use a baby wipe on most of your body and a cleansing wipe on your face to get most of the sweat off.

3. Treat: Use a medicated body acne treatment with benzoyl peroxide to treat existing blemishes and prevent breakouts. The acne products you use on your face may work as well, but treatments made specifically for the body are formulated to penetrate the skin, which is thicker in these areas are generally more effective.

3. Hydrate: Always remember to drink plenty of water, too — you should drink water as soon as you wake up and continue drinking at least eight more cups of it throughout the day. Drinking water is an awesome and super-simple way to keep your skin looking its best!

What is the best treatment cream for body acne in bodybuilders?

The new body acne treatment kit is the first to combine powerful medical-grade, FDA anti-acne topical medications, compounds with active plant-based ingredients.

Using a unique micronized formulation of benzoyl peroxide together with plant-based active ingredients provides a highly effective treatment of body acne with minimal risk for skin irritation. The main ingredient of the new MDacne body treatment cream is micronized benzoyl peroxide that penetrates the skin more deeply than regular benzoyl peroxide- allowing a greater efficacy with less irritation than traditional benzoyl peroxide. The effects of the medical ingredients are boosted by tea tree oil, a potent antimicrobial and antifungal compound with proven medical-grade efficacy on bacterial and fungal acne. Green tea, vitamin C and licorice help lighten pigmentation, even skin tone, and reduce skin inflammation.

What is the best-medicated cleanser for body acne in bodybuilders?

The MDacne Body acne treatment cream is accompanied by a proprietary active body cleanser developed by the company. This medicated body cleanser is based on maximal strength salicylic acid that unclogs the skin pores and reduces skin inflammation. The salicylic acid is combined with Aloe Vera leaf extract that hydrates and soothes the skin and licorice extract and green tea extract that help fade dark spots, even skin tone, and boost the skin's natural healing.

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