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7 best ways to prevent and treat body acne - 2020 update

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Acne is not just on the face. It can appear on your upper back, chest, and buttocks. Acne on the body gets worse in humid and hot weather, athletes that do a lot of sports and people that wear trough clothing, mainly jeans. What can be done? How to treat and prevent body acne?

1. Use a medicated acne body cleanser

Regular body washes are not strong enough to help with body acne. To have a real effect, you need to use a medicated body cleanser, preferably with ingredients that can unclog the skin pores and kill acne bacteria. The best ingredient for this purpose is salicylic acid (a BHA that exfoliates the skin's surface layer and unblocks pores of sebum and dead skin).

2. Shower immediately after you sweat

Heat and humidity help bacteria flourish. When you do sports try to shower as soon as you finish your workout. Acne cleansing wipes can help keep your skin clean till you shower.

3. Do not scrub your skin

Harsh scrubs, loofas, and exfoliators are rough on the skin. They damage the protective layer of the skin and can make body acne worse. When you shower gently massage the cleanser on the skin, leave it on for 2 -3 minutes, and wash it off. Pat dry your skin.

4. Benzoyl peroxide is the most effective body acne treatment cream

To heal your body acne, you will need an effective anti-acne body treatment. benzoyl peroxide is the most effective body acne treatment cream. For the body, you will need a 5% BPO. 2.5% would be too weak for body acne while 10% will be too irritating. Always apply the benzoyl peroxide cream to the whole area of the pimples and not just the active pimples. Beware that these creams can bleach clothing. Always wear an old white t-shirt when you use them.

5. Never pick, squeeze or scratch body pimples.

The skin on the body heals slower than the skin on the face, and picking frequently causes body brown spots and scars.

6. Body Moisturizers are important

Skin hydration is important for skin health. If the skin is hydrated it will heal faster and you will have fewer pimples. The best body moisturizer will be one that is oil-free.

7. Change your underwear frequently

Your underwear is in touch with your body for many hours a day. It accumulates sweat, bacteria and is in constant friction with your skin. It's best to change to clean underwear including your bra, as frequent as you can.

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