Should I use birth control pills to control my acne?

Birth control pills are not a treatment for acne. The estrogens in the pill suppress the levels of testosterone in the circulation, decreasing its effect on the sebaceous gland and by that decreasing sebaceous gland enlargement and sebum secretion. These should be taken only if the woman is sexually active. The pills may calm acne breakouts but a rapid relapse is expected when they are stopped. The best pills for acne will be the one that have minimal androgenic (testosterone like) effect. Examples will be Seasonale, Desogen, and levlen. Two types of birth control pills have useful non-hormonal ingredients that can further reduce the hormonal trigger of acne. Jasmin contains a non-hormonal compound similar to spironolactone and Diane (approved in Europe) a chemical called cyproterone both directly suppress androgen activity. For the right contraceptive pill consult your Gynecologist...

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