Why SPF 30 is better than SPF 50?

People tend to think that sunscreens with higher SPFs are a better choice. 
This is a myth. A sunscreen with SPF 30 will block 96.7% of UV while a sunscreen tested to have SPF 50 will block 98% of the UV. Thus, for the negligible, additional 1.3% in protection, one needs to wear a sunscreen that has 60% more chemicals, is usually thicker and is usually more noticeable on the skin. Sunscreens with SPF> 30 are not just more inconvenient and expensive they may also cause more allergies. Contact allergies and photo allergies to sunscreens are not rare and are believed to related to chemicals’ concentrations in the products. Thicker products are also more prone to clog skin pores and may increase the risk for acne breakouts. The sunscreen features one has to look for in a sunscreen are wide spectrum protection (UVA +UVB), water resistance and oil-free for people with acne prone skin. And please stick with SPF 30. It's better.

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